"A Bahamian term for the shaded blue tint on top of the Caribbean sea with crystal clear visibility below."

We started MAZARINE because we had trouble finding a dock box that looked great and performed well.

It's no secret that standard dock boxes just aren't designed to do their job. While dock boxes could assist in clearing up a cluttered dock, they tended to accelerate deterioration of it's contents. And much to our surprise, the solution for dock side storage was exactly the same for the smallest of vessels to the largest. Just a plain, white, boring box.

It's a decidedly difficult task to accomplish both a beautiful look and superior performance.

So we decided to make a dock box for the serious boater. A high performance dock box made for the elements and designed to shine... a perfect compliment to your vessel.


What if we made a dock box that fixed major problems and looked incredible? MAZARINE started humbly. What a journey it has been...


An interview with MAZARINE Founder & CEO Jamin Finlaw.